Building Energy Efficiency

Building Energy Assessments


Dalkia can conduct thorough building energy assessments for your building portfolio.  Our teams will review all aspects of your building and its energy consuming systems based on their type of use.  This includes examining all your mechanical, electrical and building control systems, with a goal of identifying the best opportunities to reduce operational cost and increase energy efficiency.


With our holistic approach, we’re able to study all the necessary information to make our best recommendations for your company.  We will gather and analyze the information from our site visits, your past energy bills, and any temporary energy monitoring we’ve added to your building.   We do this across your portfolio as necessary and prioritize the most pressing upgrades that can produce the biggest financial and sustainability benefits for your organization.


With our building assessments and analysis complete, we’ll develop an integrated set of recommendations for your team to consider.  And once your team prioritizes building upgrades and operational techniques, Dalkia moves toward implementation planning, with detailed timelines, utility incentive opportunities, and manages logistics across all your facilities.