Building Energy Efficiency

Digital Services

In reporting a company’s energy consumption, a utility can gather over 30,000 points of consumption data, yet invoice customers only 12 times per year.   It’s no wonder there’s a gap in understanding throughout Corporate America about how to better manage energy consumption.

In today’s networked world, digital building controls provide new opportunities to complete the building energy picture, and move to a real time view of energy usage.  These controls provide true building energy management systems that can effectively integrate multiple energy systems and provide scheduled or automatic load management capabilities.

Regardless of your building type, Dalkia’s team can identify where the installation of controls will provide these efficiency benefits, then design and implement a cost-effective solution.  With the building control overlays, our teams can unite buildings across a portfolio to gain access to real time or periodic data that can be analyzed, assessed and leveraged for more efficiency building operation.  Dalkia US can do this on a project basis or an on-going 24/7/365 basis through our DESC US operation.  The automated analytics provide insights to equipment failures and operational gains.

As utilities provide customers incentives for real-time adaptation of load management strategies, we’ll work with your team to identify required operating parameters and where energy costs can be dynamically managed.  We’ll assess your facilities for manufacturing systems, primary or supplementary HVAC or refrigeration sytems, then meter and monitor your energy loads to enable load shedding, time-shifted peak loads and management power consumption, all with the goal of reducing your utility bills.