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LED warehouses


warehouse and distribution storageRefrigerated warehouses operate continuously throughout the year with their principal energy consumption used in their cooling and lighting systems. Typical lighting in distribution center, based on high-pressure sodium and metal halide lamps, do not have the capability for instant on/off and hence remain on, even when no activity is occurring in the immediate area. In an attempt to reduce kW and kWh, some operators have experimented with occupancy sensored multi-lamp fluorescent lighting fixtures with results confirming that light levels have not been achieved, rapid switch on doesn’t occur and there is a high rate of lamp and ballast failures.


maines paper & food service

Dalkia engineers applied a newly introduced LED lighting system designed specifically for these environments. This system produces higher levels and quality of light than the existing systems, allows for 30 second interval occupancy sensing and switching, and includes an embedded mesh network control and reporting system. Light levels were set to the customer’s desired levels alongside reducing operating hours from 8,760 per year to fewer than 1,000 hours per year. The onboard software metering system confirms these savings for Maines from all LED fixtures in the warehouse.


Estimated Lifetime Energy Savings >50,000,000 kWh
Annual Electrical Savings $435,756
Utility Incentive $270,946
Year One Total Savings $770,196
Installed Cost $541,893
Return on Investment 210%