Distributed Generation: A Key Component of a Sustainable Strategy

Learn how distributed generation uses small-scale technologies to produce electricity at or near the end user. Distributed energy can come from onsite generation sources like solar panels, wind turbines and combined heat and power (CHP).

What’s the escalation rate on your PPA?

Recently a customer had us model the energy production and financial return for a new 2MW cogen system at their manufacturing site in the United Kingdom. Our analysis considered their contract cost for kWh and natural gas, the system’s energy production in kWh and therms, its full installation and annual maintenance cost and their UK... Read More

The next “plastics” in Cleantech 2010?

In the 1967 movie The Graduate, 21 year old Ben Braddock (aka Dustin Hoffman) received a famous bit of advice – “there is a great future in plastics.”  The line has lived on since, like an insider stock trading joke – however, VC’s would call the character who delivered this line “a master of the... Read More

CHP – can you use the heat?

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology is not new – it’s been applied by utilities going back to the days of Thomas Edison.  At a utility’s scale it makes so much sense to recapture huge waste heat loads generated during electricity production and apply this energy to a system like a district steam loop for... Read More