Industrial and Manufacturing

Secure and optimize industrial and manufacturing energy on your terms

Industrial and manufacturing operations have a large profile of energy consuming assets – and these process systems, manufacturing equipment, and heavily conditioned spaces all have long operating hours.

  • In 2017, the industrial sector accounted for 22.4% of the total U.S. energy consumption—just behind the transportation sector. While CO2 emissions of the transport sector are declining, those of the industrial sector are rising—the iron and steel industry alone make up for 5% of total global emissions.
  • Many of our industrial customers face a growing need to reduce costs and environmental impact while still improving their overall global competitiveness.

Dalkia identifies and creates energy-saving opportunities in ways that are programmatic for both process and non-process related operations. We will define and prioritize solutions specific to a customer’s energy needs. In addition to traditional energy efficiency solutions in LED lighting and HVAC, our engineers also meter, develop and implement project upgrades with steam, compressor systems, premium efficiency motors, variable frequency drives, combined heat and power (CHP) [link to On-site Generation->CHP page], as well as renewable energy technologies.

We support customers in sourcing energy from utilities or through onsite generation. Dalkia is committed to improving your margins while lowering your carbon consumption, whatever the industry: aerospace, chemicals, consumer goods, electronics, food processing, lumber, motor vehicles, steel, telecommunications…