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Great Wolf Lodge

Our Customer

Over the last several years, Dalkia has operated as the energy efficiency partner for the largest family of themed indoor water parks and hotels across the U.S. and Canada, with 18 locations and growing.  After setting a new standard for the cleanest water park in the country, Great Wolf Lodge set a new goal to redefine the standard of energy efficiency and environmental stewardship in the hospitality industry.


Dalkia presented this customer with a comprehensive value proposition that included electricity, gas, and water use reduction; multi-measure projects impactful to the entire business; improved occupant comfort; system performance improvements; and increased reliability and redundancy. In addition to LED lighting and mechanical upgrades, Dalkia aimed to standardize the HVAC controls platform across 8 locations, with remote monitoring of the combined heat and power (CHP) at one of its facilities. This national monitoring would provide the customer with increased visibility and improved control of their buildings across multiple locations.  Using project managers from its nationally distributed project management team to survey sites and deploy solutions, Dalkia quickly and accurately audited each facility and created a plan for development and eventual implementation.  A program manager was assigned to oversee all installations nationally, providing thorough support and consistency from the very beginning to the final stages of each project. While Phase I was underway, the development team began visiting additional locations and developing Phase II to meet the customer’s requirement of a portfolio-wide rollout in one year.  The equipment upgrades allow the customer to more closely match energy usage with actual energy needs.  For example, kitchen hoods use digital controls with temperature and smoke sensors to cut energy usage by up to 44% during non-peak restaurant times.


Through a comprehensive suite of energy efficiency upgrades, Dalkia helped our customer to achieve a 15% reduction in total carbon footprint across 10 properties, savings of 11,211,938 kWh and 341,410 BTUs, and a simple payback in 3 years.  In 2018, we continued with a second phase of project implementations that is expected to cut an additional 5% of the customer’s annual utility costs.