Dalkia’s Response to COVID-19

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Dalkia Energy Solutions

Formerly known as Groom Energy, Dalkia provides a full spectrum of energy efficient technologies and services to commercial and industrial companies nationwide.

Corporate energy management has become increasingly complex

Businesses searching for the best ways to efficiently manage facility energy consumption must consider an expanding array of services and technologies. There is a complex balance between reducing energy consumption with on-site generation and purchasing from the grid.

There are opportunities

With an integrated approach, new energy management services and technologies can make buildings more intelligent and efficient. Traditional building systems can be upgraded. Data-driven sensors, controls and intelligence can be layered on top to drive savings without significant capital investments. Done correctly, these updates can deliver building energy flexibility and cost reductions together, producing real cost savings without any disruption to your business.

Dalkia can help

Dalkia is EDF's US-based building energy efficiency business, backed by one of the world’s largest energy companies.  We’ve been involved in every major energy transition since 1937 and now bring the market a comprehensive set of energy services to your building - which includes a range of supply and demand solutions.

In this changing energy world and with a comprehensive approach, Dalkia can be your trusted expert. We help enterprises reduce energy, improve environmental performance, and realize positive business outcomes. Dalkia is a team of energy professionals that will identify the right strategies and technologies, implement them across a portfolio of sites, and operate them on an ongoing basis, all while bundling financing options to reduce or eliminate upfront capital expenditures.