The Dalkia Energy Network — Spanning Decades, Across the World 

Since its founding in France in 1937, Dalkia has always focused on delivering the most efficient and effective solutions and services for managing energy systems.  In the 1930’s it started with Dalkia’ founders assisting a local hospital by stepping in to run their failed yet mission critical boiler operation.  And 80+ years later its a 15,000 person $5 billion multi-faceted energy services business within EDF.

Along the way Dalkia has evolved through applying its skills, know-how and the advancing energy technologies  to continuously provide reliable, cost-effective solutions to resource and sustainability challenges. We’ve also collaborated with a wide array of other energy companies, building an extensive international network of partners with complementary areas of expertise–all of which adds up to unmatched solution delivered to our customers.

How has Dalkia US grown in recent years?

  • In 2014, France-based energy giant EDF acquired all of Dalkia’s assets in France, making Dalkia the sole provider of EDF Energy Services in the country.
  • In 2016, Dalkia US acquired Groom Energy Solutions, a leading energy services provider based in the Boston area and serving clients nationally.
  • In 2018, Dalkia US acquired Aegis Energy Services, the top manufacturer and supplier of combined heat and power (CHP) systems to commercial and residential customers in the Northeastern U.S.
    • Aegis is currently the exclusive provider of CHP solutions to Dalkia customers in North America.

Comprehensive offerings by working closely with our EDF Group US affiliates

The Dalkia team collaborate across geographies, technologies and management teams.  In the US, this means working effectively with our US affiliates, who each bring a valuable piece of a comprehensive energy services offering.

    • EDF Energy Services – electricity, gas and managed energy services for commercial, industrial and utility customers
    • EDF Renewables – renewable energy project developer for commercial, industrial and utility customers.
    • EDF Innovation Lab – our US research arm, which enters into partnerships to uncover the next big advancements in clean energy.