Building Energy Efficiency

The Dalkia Difference

Our unique offering is informed by our eight decades of global experience and local offices and expertise that ensures that your organization gets the most out of its energy efficiency and sustainability investments.

Dalkia enables leading enterprises to invest and meet their energy and sustainability goals, aligned with desired business outcomes, without technology adoption and procurement risk. We are different from other energy service providers in a variety of ways.

    • Energy assessments and audits: Our in-house experts identify the best energy and carbon reduction opportunities for your buildings and unique operations.


    • Data driven approach: Our recommendations are informed by a detailed analysis of your specific buildings. We have experience deploying a range of energy technologies.


    • Bundled financing: Our assessment and implementation services range from financing to delivery of energy reductions.


    • Equipment operations and maintenance: Our knowledge of critical systems and equipment helps us squeeze efficiency out of your buildings and ensures that the savings persist. Additionally, we deliver improved resilience to energy supply disruptions.


    • Global reach, local presence: Dalkia is part of one of the world’s largest energy companies, but maintains local offices around the United States and throughout the world.


    • Technology agnostic: We don’t just sell you our own technology; we identify the solutions that work best for your operations and that are aligned with your goals and budget.


    • Outcome driven: Our goal is to deliver results, not just data, analysis, or new equipment. Our managed services approach has minimal impact on day-to-day business.