Case Studies

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CVS Distribution Center Exterior LED Lighting Project

Dalkia helped CVS Distribution Center upgrade exterior lighting at its Indianapolis facility, achieving energy savings and more. Learn more in this exterior LED lighting case study.
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Dalkia was able to help Browne with energy efficient upgrades to their HVAC systems for a 114% ROI in this commercial office case study.
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New Hampshire production facility

Dalkia employed HVAC, controls and lighting upgrades to increase energy savings for a large manufacturer. Read more in our industrial case study.
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Atria Senior Living

Dalkia helped national senior living operator Atria reach their LED lighting and energy saving goals. Read more in our healthcare case study.
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Great Wolf Lodge

Dalkia has operated as the energy efficiency partner for the Great Wolf Lodge indoor water parks and hotels. Read our full hospitality case study.
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Dalkia team performed energy upgrades at several Foodtown stores, resulting in energy savings. Read the full story in the supermarket case study.
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Stevenson Commons

Dalkia was able to help Stevenson Commons to meet new compliance requirements and reduce carbon dioxide emissions in this multi unit residential case study.
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Connecticut’s New Haven Public School District

New Haven School District realized a savings of over $166,000 in operating expenses from the CHP systems in this education case study.
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LED warehouses

Dalkia introduced LED-based lighting system designed specifically for refrigerated warehouses at Maines Paper & Food Service, Inc. producing higher levels and quality of light and reducing operating hours.
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Pinnacle Foods

The upgrade project provided Pinnacle Foods a more reliable, efficient system, reducing electricity consumption by 1.2 million kWh, water by upwards of 40 million gallons per year, and gas by 6,000 MMBtu per year.
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HP Hood

Dalkia helps HP Hood reduce over 574,000 kWh annually from their electricity consumption and the associated GHG emissions by 576,000 pounds of carbon per year in this distirbution and cold storage case study.