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CVS Distribution Center Exterior LED Lighting Project

Our Customer

In 2020, Dalkia was contracted by CVS Distribution Center to retrofit 152 of its exterior lights to:

  • Better illuminate the property
  • Increase security around the perimeter of their facility
  • Foster energy savings
  • Contribute to corporate greening initiatives


We began with an inventory of existing lighting equipment and review of utility and maintenance bills. Completing this process allowed us to design a lighting master plan that detailed energy and cost savings that our turnkey solution would help CVS realize.

The retailer places great importance on corporate social responsibility, striving to affect positive change under four main pillars: healthy people, healthy business, healthy community and healthy planet. Our turnkey solution aligned with these principles, helping to keep the business and its employees safer while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


To date, the project has achieved the following measurable results:

  • 72% energy reduction
  • $18,000 yearly energy savings
  • 310,000 pounds of CO2 emissions avoided during the course of the project

With an estimated lifecycle savings of more than $185,000, it’s easy to see why LED lighting was a “bright idea” for CVS to install.