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HP Hood


HP Hood is a national dairy company manufacturing and distributing brand name products such as Brigham’s Ice Cream, Lactaid and Blue Diamond Almond Breeze.

With an ongoing corporate energy reduction goal, HP Hood engaged Dalkia to search for energy efficiency opportunities at their ice cream manufacturing facility in Suffield, CT.


During their on-site research Dalkia engineers determined that the plant’s ammonia refrigeration system made up a significant portion of the it’s energy consumption. The system operated year round providing cooling to both production lines and on-site cold storage facilities. Metering this system proved it had varying performance loads based on production, weather and operations, but was not configured to reduce consumption based on changing demand.

By applying VFDs to multiple condenser and evaporator fans within the system, Dalkia confirmed it could more efficiently control and vary motor speeds based on realtime refrigeration system pressure and actual temperature in the freezers. Dalkia designed and managed the entire VFD upgrade, including integration to the existing FES control system while confirming the savings for the local utility, that provided additional financial incentives supporting this project.


Through this upgrade, HP Hood reduced over 574,000 kWh annually from their electricity consumption and the associated GHG emissions by 576,000 pounds of carbon per year.

Total Capital Investment $153,568
Utility Incentive $153,568
Return on Investment 42%