Digitally Connected

Digitally Connected

In today’s networked world, digital building controls offer new opportunities to add value to your building’s operations. Modern controls, which can be implemented by Dalkia, deliver advanced energy management and integrate multiple systems.

Regardless of your building type, Dalkia’s team can identify opportunities to add advanced controls to benefit your building’s operation. We will design and implement the most cost-effective solution.

We’ll work with your team to confirm your required operating parameters across manufacturing systems, primary or supplementary HVAC, lighting, or other systems. Dalkia also will meter and monitor loads to enable load shedding, peak-load shifting and power consumption management, all with the goal of reducing your company’s utility bill expenses.

Energy Metering and Monitoring

Dalkia can outfit your buildings with advanced metering to capture a more detailed and complete picture of energy and resource consumption.  Our teams will design and maintain these energy metering networks so that your on-site teams have reliable access to your facility’s energy consumption information.  These data enable our engineers to create your energy baselines, model scenarios and recommend alternative paths to deliver energy savings, sustainability, and bottom-line business results. Once deployed, our meters and monitoring systems help us ensure that performance persists.

Dalkia’s Energy Savings Center (DESC) in France

In 2013, Dalkia brought its top energy efficiency experts under one roof with a goal of delivering remote energy managed services to their customer’s portfolio of buildings across France. Today, that DESC platform service has grown to service buildings across the entire country, through seven different centers, leveraging the Dalkia-designed real-time data processing system.

DESC US – Building Energy Visibility and Analysis across all 50 states

Our DESC US is located in Holyoke, MA and provides this same comprehensive building energy overlay service regardless of building type or location.  The approach involves accessing detailed operational data at the system and equipment level and leverages the latest intelligence tools to gain visibility, control and management integration for your building energy systems.  Our 24/7/365 team delivers this on-going energy management service model to help our customers measure and track their key sustainability-oriented performance indicators.

laptop showing energy discharge graph