Distribution and Cold Storage

Distribution and Cold Storage

Supply chain and distribution providers can gain competitive advantage

cold storageWarehouses and Distribution Centers

In warehouses and distribution centers, Dalkia has worked with single sites, operating for one region, and multi-site operators, operating across broad geographic regions and managing an entire distribution chain. Energy costs in these environments are often led by electrical applications such as lighting and ventilation systems. Dalkia targets inefficiencies in each of these areas as well as unique applications such as demand response and daylight harvesting to find as much energy reduction as possible. With large, unobstructed roof spaces, these facilities also serve as strong host platforms for large solar photovoltaic arrays, especially in regions where the incentives are most attractive. In assessing a company’s entire network of facilities, the extended Dalkia team is able to provide both on-site energy assessments with recommendations and rollout anywhere across the United States.

Food Distribution and Cold Storage

Food distribution and cold storage companies operate supply chains that span across the country. The industry is made up of a range of facilities that support food products being continuously moved, stored and delivered. Operators must closely monitor and manage energy consumption, in addition to other responsibilities. Large energy footprints lead to increased overhead costs, but the mission criticality of frozen and refrigerated storage operations mean that efficiency may not get all the attention that it deserves.

Dalkia currently optimizes 2.5 billion cubic feet of storage space around the world and has reduced customer electricity bills by 50% or more. Our turnkey approach includes a data-driven assessment, securing financing to implement improvements, and management of the deployment and ongoing operations. We do the work to ensure your energy consumption goes down, while your business can flourish with the cost savings.

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