24/7 operations, a critical focus on patient and resident satisfaction, and stringent regulatory requirements make energy management in healthcare facilities extremely challenging. Whether in a hospital, medical office building, or senior living community, operational and patient satisfaction goals often run counter to energy reduction initiatives. Dalkia is here to help you achieve both.

Healthcare Facilities - Serve your patients, protect the planet

Many healthcare facility and hospital operators are bogged down by financial burdens largely outside of their control. Combined with the inherent complexity of facility systems, this makes identifying sources of inefficiency and developing a plan to curb energy costs particularly challenging.

  • The U.S. healthcare industry collectively spends between $8 billion and $10 billion on energy every year—that’s equivalent to 100,000 nurses’ salaries.

Dalkia supports healthcare decision makers and stakeholders by offering innovative technical solutions that reduce consumption while ensuring a secure, reliable, and cost-effective supply of energy. Our team of experts and unique data-driven processes can identify savings opportunities in the most complex of hospitals, develop a turnkey plan to upgrade and improve critical systems, and even implement and finance the work. From CHP systems to energy efficiency upgrades, Dalkia is committed to reducing the cost associated with round-the-clock demand for reliable energy, all while creating an environment conducive to quality care and patient satisfaction.

Senior Living Communities - Feels like home, but greener

Senior living communities and assisted living facilities are challenged with creating an environment that looks and feels like home, while also providing safe and supportive healthcare services.

  • The median senior living community in the US spends almost $400,000 annually on energy (source EPA and EIA).
  • High industry maintenance staff turnover makes it incredibly difficult to implement internal initiatives needed to combat these costs.

Whether in independent and assisted living or memory care and skilled nursing, Dalkia’s energy efficiency experts can identify and actualize savings opportunities that will improve resident experience and reduce energy consumption. We understand the friendly touch required to seamlessly implement projects throughout occupied resident spaces. From CHP systems to energy efficiency upgrades, Dalkia is committed to reducing costs and increasing asset value, while also dramatically improving community ambiance.

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