Improving guest experience while increasing operating efficiency

The hospitality industry is notoriously energy-inefficient due to its operational complexities and guests’ control of energy-intensive systems.

  • This 24/7 customer-driven demand for heat and electricity can consume up to 10% of property revenue.
  • Investing in energy efficiency to drive down utility costs is a key strategy to counter the current hotel industry trend of flat RevPAR and increasing labor rates.
  • As investors push aggressive ESG goals and the brands continue to set high bars for energy reductions digitized, comprehensive sustainability programs become increasingly more important than ever for hospitality providers.

Dalkia is experienced in enhancing guest comfort and safety while improving the bottom-line with energy and resource efficiency. Our energy experts can assess current building systems, utility rates, and other parameters to craft a solution that can be implemented without operational disruptions. Whether you’re looking for on-site generation or improved energy efficiency, Dalkia can improve operational efficiency, yielding energy savings as high as $500 per room annually.

Dalkia’s solutions are a powerful demonstration of your company’s commitment to a sustainable future. We look forward to working with you to invest in your properties’ efficiency, savings and comfort. Leveraging a national team, our services can be standardized to grow with your business, across the portfolio. Energy usage can be reduced by up to 30% while still delivering an average payback for multi-site portfolios of two to three years.

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