LED Lighting and Controls

LED Lighting and Controls

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Lighting universally frames the spaces we occupy - from our homes, to our schools, to the places we work.  Since electrified indoor lighting was first introduced in the late 1800’s, building operators have installed lighting systems that are designed to provide the right level of visibility and coloring for specific activities.  While lighting technology has evolved from incandescents, to halogen, to fluorescent and most recently to LED, the objectives have remained principally the same:  effectively iluminate the building space without drawing unnecessary attention to the embedded design.  With the oil shock of 1973, the US embarked on a path of adoption of more energy efficient building systems.  Surging energy costs drove consumers and businesses to consider energy efficient lighting.  By the 1980s, commercial and industrial companies were widely adopting the newest fluorescent and high intensity discharge lighting technologies, through energy efficiency-driven lighting retrofits. (Click here for Case Study – LED Lighting)

Intelligent LED Lighting is Mainstream

In the last ten years, the rapid emergence of efficient LED lighting has delivered the next lighting revolution.  LED lighting has grown to be the number one lamp type for all applications and the advantages have surpassed virtually all other technologies in every application area.  LEDs bring directional illumination, dynamic color manipulation capabilities and embedded controlability.   Business owners now have the chance to reimagine and reconsider the way they light their operating environments and the way intelligent controls bring energy savings and workspace efficacy.

With up to 40% of the energy bills for commercial and industrial environments being attributed to lighting systems, the energy impacts are that much more compelling.  But more than energy savings, new research confirms that inadequate lighting reduces the effectiveness of employees, and increases the likelihood of workplace accidents.  Enhanced lighting can counteract this.

Design, Upgrade and Implement

With a decade of LED lighting experience, Dalkia's team can appropriately assess your facility for design impacts both for your employees and your operating cost.   A newly designed LED based system replacing older technologies can often cut your lighting electrical bills by more than half, reducing electrical consumption for the same light levels you currently use in your buildings by hundreds of thousands of kWh.  And this comes with improving the quality and safety of your building.

Once designed, costed and approved, our teams will ensure a safe and efficient turn-key upgrade implementation at your facility or facilities, with our program rollout capabilities to perform this work across the entire US geography.

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