Dalkia Solutions for Your Business

Dalkia provides a range of solutions focused on energy efficiency and optimization and also on-site generation. We deliver these solutions as Managed Services, which includes proactive, remote control of energy consuming systems that is delivered under a subscription model without negative impact to building occupants or operations.

Our solutions fall into three categories:

  • Energy efficiency and optimization: We help companies generate savings by reducing overall electricity costs, managing building consumption profiles and leveraging all available incentive and reward programs.
  • On-site generation from combined heat and power (CHP) : Dalkia’s exclusive CHP partner Aegis Energy delivers energy autonomy and slashes carbon emissions by up to 55% by customizing, installing and monitoring on-site CHP systems. Aegis provides modular, scalable and compact systems that are viable for nearly all building types. Using a single fuel, our systems minimize utility bills, dispatch back-up power and capitalize on local incentives.
  • On-site generation from renewables: We can provide on-site clean energy generation to support sustainability initiatives and hedge against volatile market prices. By collaborating with our sister company, EDF Renewable Energy, we can tailor, design and install on-site solar generation and battery storage systems to minimize electricity bills and reduce carbon emissions for your single property or an entire portfolio.

Dalkia serves a range of clients across a wide range of industries. Our team of experts is well-versed in specific operational characteristics across many building types. Additionally, our data-driven analysis, turnkey financing and installation approaches apply across many industries.

We routinely work with clients in new industries. Please reach out if you want to discuss how we can help your business reduce energy and improve operations, without any disruptions to your business.