On-Site Energy

Intelligent Load Management

Dalkia can identify monetary and energy savings using real-time data along with analyzing your building’s energy consumption.  To the extent your buildings utilize Building Management System “BMS” or process control system, these systems provide useful information, along with load level metering our team will install and monitor.

Savings Analysis

Our first step is to provide your team better visibility into your facility’s equipment and help the building engineers to keep vital equipment in operation and deliver reliable comfort for occupants.  The Dalkia team, with subject matter expertise in BMS controls, HVAC, lighting and refrigeration systerms, can match your system’s operations with metering versus your tariff, producing financial analysis that sizes your opportunity for active load management.  We will also identify any utility rebates or incentives that could help to offset the upfront costs of these upgrades.

Managing your Loads

Once analyzed, Dalkia can implement to the tools an systems that allow your loads, such as lighting or HVAC, to be controlled to shave load profiles, time-shift your peak load, and manage your consumption to minimize utility bills.  Refrigeration loads can be optimized and scheduled based upon weather, product temperatures, wholesale or tariff electric pricing dynamics, and operational goals.