Refrigeration demand will vary significantly based on customer activity, outside temperature and humidity levels, and nighttime inventory restocking. As a result, there are usually great opportunities for energy efficient upgrades, making it possible to reduce energy consumption and downtime, while extending system life.

Measuring your consumption

Dalkia uses metering, monitoring and other advanced technologies to monitor system performance. We also conduct detailed surveys of compressors, distribution feeds and consumption endpoints, which includes cases, reach-in coolers and back-of-house storage areas. Based on our expertise and analysis of system performance data, we identify upgrades that fit the unique usage pattern of each facility. Dalkia can further reduce energy and resource consumption by installing additional controls, performing whole-system recommissioning, and upgrading compressors or case motors as needed.

Retrofitting your systems for Energy Efficiency

Moreover, inefficient, poorly maintained electric motors can be significant sources of energy consumption, especially in facilities with refrigerated assets. Our engineers, using data analysis techniques, will identify specific applications where replacement motors make sense. Dalkia will then match the motors to existing mounting infrastructure. By applying our programmatic, turnkey installation process, we deliver efficient, high financial return investments that reduce energy costs, extend equipment lifespans, improve refrigeration system performance, and avoid disruption to your operations. With our trained grocery delivery teams, we can deliver grocery and refrigeration system upgrades across your entire portfolio, maximizing total savings.

Grocery refrigeration machinery

Freezer room
Frozen food section at grocery store