Safety as a Core Value

At Dalkia and EDF, Safety is a Core Value

We recognize that our culture of safety is fundamental to who we are and how we operate as a business.  Like our corporate values of integrity, responsibility and respect, we promote a safe culture as the way we do business, the way we interact with clients, suppliers and each other, and the way we perform our work.

Safety is integrated into everything we dofrom the way we start a team meeting, to the training we provide to our team, to the tracking and reporting that helps us measure our performance.  Because of our integrated and data-driven approach, our values are self-reinforcing to our team, in addition to our customers, partners and suppliers.

We Take Safety Personally – and Collectively

Each year every Dalkia US employees signs our Dalkia Personal Safety Statement.  This exercise reminds each Dalkia employee of his/her personal commitment, our approach to safety, and our golden rules. This also reminds our employees of their responsibility to make safe decisions for themselves and all those around them. Dalkia's employees recognize the obligation and take it to work, into their personal lives, and into the communities where they live and work.

Never Settle

Our clients' facilities and environments are dynamic. Our employees who serve these spaces must be prepared, all day, every day. All Dalkia professionals know that there are risks; their behaviors are our only way to mitigate those risks.  We are constantly reassessing, rehearsing and retraining ourselves to be preparedand for the best possible outcome. Dalkia consistently invests to ensure that we have the highest level of corporate and individual safe culture.

Dalkia workers in hard hats

Dalkia workers following a safety plan