Smart Infrastructure Solutions

The power of balance.

Creating harmony between human needs and municipal realities.

Dalkia Smart Infrastructure Solutions (SIS) helps leaders identify tactical and meaningful ways to improve public safety, energy efficiency, resiliency, and equity through modernizing infrastructure.

We’re blending

& networking

to improve

health, & mobility

for the residents of cities across America and the world.

Balancing the aspirations of people, the insight of data, and the power of technology.

Dalkia SIS provides enhanced value to vibrant and diverse communities by efficiently optimizing implementation and services for infrastructure projects. We offer a unique approach to creating safe, sustainable, equitable, and smart communities.

Our clients benefit from our broad, hands-on experience.


Custom design, efficiently build, and diligently operate and maintain.

As a testimony to our commitment to deliver long-term best value, Dalkia SIS is the only company in the US with multiple 15-year Public Private Partnerships for street lighting and smart city projects.

Dalkia SIS harmonizes data with community.

Through our proprietary design tools and processes, we are able to develop unique turnkey energy effIciency solutions that objectively and technically solve problems and improve conditions.

Equally important to us and our clients is including the voices of the community in our approach.

One of our most effective skill sets is to marry the technical data with the vision of local residents — ensuring infrastructure is truly built to serve all.

Smart Solution: Dalkia SIS works to protect the night sky by incorporating the International Dark Sky Association’s (IDA) “Values-Centered Outdoor Lighting” approach into our lighting designs.

LEDing the way.

Through services such as smart lighting master planning, Dalkia SIS works to understand and address each community’s specific needs and budgets to create a custom, optimized design and implementation through widespread experience and knowledge of the most effective ways to implement the latest technology.

Built by design. Never by default.

Lighting is not just about energy bills — it’s a source of comfort, safety, and enhancement of any space. Through our innovative turnkey approach, we work across the entire value chain to make lighting more efficient and valued. Our goal is to design for a balance of immediate needs and future goals, not simply to ‘fix’ what currently exists.

Smart Sustainability

By implementing solar-powered lighting to specific neighborhoods, lighting and safety can be vastly enhanced without the need for substantial street construction, community disruption, and associated costs.

Keeping company with the brightest people.

Yes, our people are highly qualified in every discipline of the industry. But even more importantly, they are passionate about what they do. Whether it involves the intricacy of a lighting master plan or the delicacy of mitigating the concerns of citizens, the Dalkia SIS team is dedicated to exceeding expectations. Our consistently excellent performance is a primary reason we are also awarded multi-year contracts to maintain the projects we design and build.

By integrating information and communication technology (ICT) with sensors, a city can leverage existing infrastructure in new ways, with data and applications for today and for future innovation.

It’s a smart solution to manage resources, enhance energy efficiency and performance, and reduce costs and resource consumption for a more sustainable approach to daily living. Smart infrastructure services offer a city greater options for enhanced quality of life, now and for years to come.

Strategies to heighten future livability.

Smart Solution: When paired with acoustic gunshot identification software, smart lighting could Illuminate the scene of a possible crime while the detection system simultaneously alerts authorities.

Smart Infrastructure for Smart Cities.

Dalkia SIS is providing smart solutions to an impressive range of communities.

Here are a few examples:


Albuquerque District 6, New Mexico

Lighting up a historically disadvantaged neighborhood to bring down crime and traffic fatalities. Dig into how we did It without digging up the streets.


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Learn more about America’s first 15-year public private partnership for smart street lighting design, upgrade, and long term maintenance In New Mexico’s biggest city.