Strategic Energy Management: More Than Energy Consulting

Strategic-Energy-ManagementDalkia has already cultivated a reputation for efficiently decreasing and managing energy services in commercial facilities, but our services now extend installing projects. We have the capability to create, implement and install entire strategic energy management programs for large corporations with multiple locations, including private equity owned real estate, REITs and more. We accomplish this by establishing a clean energy consulting partnership, acting as your outsourced energy manager to drive environmental, social and governance (ESG) results at a much higher capacity, with turnkey results. 

More than Energy Management Consultants

Other energy consulting firms are just that—consultants. We will operate beyond the levels of energy saving management consultants; we will be your strategic energy management partners throughout the project. That means not only designing and advising, but installing the project as well, ensuring its success from beginning to end.

As your ESG partner, we are essentially integrated and embedded into your company to cover all aspects of your energy portfolio. We will:

  • Analyze current data from utility bills and interval data
  • Conduct complete energy and water assessments
  • Build a corporate vision for decreasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Execute the plan by installing turnkey retrofits for energy efficiency and onsite generation
  • Track long term results
  • Publicly communicate the vision and company roadmap
  • Procure your utilities from suppliers
  • Secure tax credits and maximize state and federal incentives
  • Provide financing support for upfront energy costs
  • Develop a strategy around offsets and offsite renewable energy purchases

Strategic Energy Management Services in Action

Dalkia is currently maintaining a long-term partnership with a publicly traded real estate investment trust (REIT), operating a program that delivers high return on investment while improving ESG performance. Since the program’s founding, we have helped:

  • Cut $5.8 million in costs
  • Saved $2.12 million in energy costs
  • Saved $3.68 million on energy procurement

This energy management services program has proved to be immensely successful and will continue to drive down utility costs and create messaging to investors, employees and analysts showing our REIT’s commitment to sustainability. This long term partnership has a focus of meeting corporate goals by 2030 to lower GHG emissions, energy intensity, water and waste while increasing renewable energy purchases.

If you are interested in forming a long-term partnership to guide your future ESG, we welcome you to contact us.