Supermarket and Retail

Supermarket and Retail

Reducing operating costs and improving margins with deep energy savings

As low-margin businesses, grocery and retail stores have added incentive to maximize efficiency--most of all with their energy use. Refrigeration accounts for nearly half of all expenses in grocery stores, so even modest improvements in efficiency can impact the bottom line. Optimizing building systems to reduce consumption can deliver a significant competitive advantage.

Consumers may shop morning through evening every day, but energy-intensive systems operate with even longer hours. Rooftop-based HVAC systems are constantly compensating for outside air entering from storefront entrances and loading dock areas. Moreover, unaddressed HVAC problems may cause comfort issues that drive customers to shop elsewhere. But, most of these facilities don't have any energy or building system expertise on-site, so it can be difficult to balance operational needs with guest comfort for a positive shopping experience.

Dalkia provides multi-site, multi-solution approaches for all energy management concerns to give retail and grocery facilities a competitive edge. We deploy energy efficiency improvements in a turnkey fashion while delivering and maintaining low operating costs. Whether upgrading HVAC controls, improving lighting efficiency with LEDs, or changing operational strategies, Dalkia can lock in long-term savings and deliver store owners and operators peace of mind. Dalkia is committed to identifying energy saving upgrades that save money and reduce environmental impact, without impacting the customer experience.

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