The Dalkia Difference

The Dalkia Difference


Dalkia can conduct thorough building energy assessments for your building portfolio. Our teams will review all aspects of your building and its energy consuming systems based on their type of use. This includes examining all your mechanical, electrical and building control systems, with a goal of identifying the best opportunities to reduce operational cost and increase energy efficiency.

Technology Agnostic

Energy, sustainability and facility staff are faced with a fragmented and confusing technology landscape. There are many offerings and the state of the market is rapidly maturing. Dalkia de-risks these circumstances by embedding technology in our offerings without being dependent on particular solutions. Moreover, we are technology-agnostic, which ensures that we select the best components and technology products for your firm’s specific needs. Dalkia will help you take advantage of new technology offerings without being locked into any particular products.


With our holistic approach, we’re able to study all the necessary information to make our best recommendations for your company. We will gather and analyze the information from our site visits, your past energy bills, and any temporary energy monitoring we’ve added to your building. We do this across your portfolio as necessary and prioritize the most pressing upgrades that can produce the biggest financial and sustainability benefits for your organization.


With our building assessments and analysis complete, we’ll develop an integrated set of recommendations for your team to consider. And once your team prioritizes building upgrades and operational techniques, Dalkia moves toward implementation planning, with detailed timelines, utility incentive opportunities, and manages logistics across all your facilities.


Dalkia takes a solution-centric approach to every project.  Our team identifies the best opportunities for energy savings, while considering business, technical and implementation related requirements.  Our customers have visibility into a range of energy management options, but select only those that are right for their operations. Dalkia can act as an expert consultant, identifying and ranking the energy savings opportunities. We also can lead the re-design of a specific building system.  Or, we can perform full turn-key installations for building upgrades.  Our offerings are flexible and tailored to our customers’ goals and requirements.

In today’s networked world, digital building controls offer new opportunities to add value to your building’s operations. Modern controls, which can be implemented by Dalkia, deliver advanced energy management and integrate multiple systems.

Regardless of your building type, Dalkia’s team can identify opportunities to add advanced controls to benefit your building’s operation. We will design and implement the most cost-effective solution.

We’ll work with your team to confirm your required operating parameters across manufacturing systems, primary or supplementary HVAC, lighting, or other systems. Dalkia also will meter and monitor loads to enable load shedding, peak-load shifting and power consumption management, all with the goal of reducing your company’s utility bill expenses.

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